Best Quotes by Armie Hammer

Quotes are a way of inspiration for many. These are the words that are said by some famous and some successful people that helps one to proceed in life. You, whenever one feel rejected or down such quotes, might lift the mood and help to see a better future.

Quotes are mostly the display of the life and hardships that the person who said them has faced in life. From his experience, he wants others to learn and thus, here we have some of the best quotes from our rising star Armie Hammer.

Quotes on relations

Armie Hammer’s amazing sayings on relations are:

I think a primal role of a man in a relationship is to protect his woman.- Armie Hammer, actor

My very first kiss happened when I was 6, underneath some desks during ‘nap time’, but my first real kiss happened when I was 15 in the parking lot at a Mexican food restaurant.- Armie Hammer, actor

Inspirations quotes

He has inspired many by saying the following words:

  • I feel fortunate. I have really gotten to work with amazingly talented people and to learn from them, which is why I am doing this. If I can work with the best director, I am going to do it. – Armie Hammer, actor
  • I could not be more blessed. – Armie Hammer, actor
  • Yeah, I mean I have definitely had a bunch of action scripts sent to me, but again I am a stickler for directors. If it is like an action flick with a great director then it is like ‘Oh let us look at this thing,’ but if it’s just like a shoot-em’-up with a first time director. I do not know if that is the trajectory, I want to take with what I’m doing. – Armie Hammer, actor
  • Just because it sparkles doesn’t mean it’s good. – Armie Hammer, actor

Sayings about life

Some of his words about his own life and quotes include:

I grew up in the Cayman Islands. I didn’t play video games or watch TV. I would basically come home from school, throw down my backpack, grab my machete, and go hike and chop down trees to make a fort. – Armie Hammer, actor

I have about as much control over how I look as the guy who’s short and looks more like a character actor. We both have the same drive to be actors and we both have the same drive to assume these different characters, it’s just harder for me to get the chance because they look at me and say, ‘Oh, he’s this type,’ and they stamp me. – Armie Hammer, actor

It is something that I think I am going to have to fight against for most of my career, for people to take me seriously as an actor as opposed to a good-looking guy. It is not what I want to be known as. – Armie Hammer, actor

So make sure that you check out some of his amazing quotes. As they will not only inspire you but also a perfect boost to go ahead.

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