Armie Hammer role on Social Network

Most of us have the concept that technology is only in the devices that we are using or it is only based on the innovations on the internet. However, this is completely wrong, as the world of evolution has also taken over the film industry.

This is the reason that when you walked out of the theater after watching The Social Network one question that might have stuck in your mind is how. Yes, we know that you might have been wondering that how the twins were so identical that it seemed like the role was played by the same person. Sorry to blow your bubble but you are right as Armie Hammer is the person who played both the roles in the movie.

The magic of cinematography

You may call it magic or technology but the fact cannot be changed. It was the things of the past when in order to make a single actor perform a dual role the crew has to make sure that the camera is at the right angle as well as they have a body double just in case. At the end, careful editing was done to ensure that people would not recognize it.

However, thanks to technology and the latest editing skills this job has been done a lot easier. The Director of The Social Network David Fincher to create the role of the twins used the same trick by using a single actor.

At first, the raw performance was created and then it was merged into the original role to make sure that there is no room left for any type of error. Many of the clips are available online that are the true display of hard work done by the director and the actor as well to make this role memorable.



The love from the audience

The dedications and work of Armie Hammer paid off.

  • When the public provided him the credit for his amazing acting as well as the hidden talent of accomplishing the dual role with such perfection.
  • In order to make sure that he learns everything, he worked for 10 months with the acting coach.
  • Josh Pence was also available who played the role of the other twin in the scenes where both have to stay together.
  • However, when the shooting was done his face was changed with that of Hammer’s.
  • Both their acting has been appreciated since the launch of the movie.

So whenever you come across a film with the dual role and it seems like the same person you must keep in mind that it is the same person because twins are not always available to play their role. It has been made possible because of the amazing technology that might have fooled many of you. However, you cannot deny the fact that everything needs talent and hard work and The Social Network and especially the acting of Armie Hammer is the complete display of it.

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