Armie Hammer Explains What Happened to His Twin from The Social Network

We are aware that technology is taking over everything whether it is health or media. This is the reason that Armie Hammer was able to perform the role of both the twins and amazed many of the audience. Before the launch of the social network, he was just like any other common person in society.

The reason behind it is that he got minor roles and was not recognized by many individuals. However, we can say that his debut was through the social network. Here not only his looks were appraised but also people instantly fell in love with his amazing acting skills.

Role of twins

When Armie Hammer got the role, he thought that it might be hard to perform. With 10 months of training and the hard work, he was able to carry the both roles perfectly. Then came the magic of the technology. In the scene where both the brothers were supposed to be together. Another actor Josh played that role and his face changed with that of Armie with the help of editing tools.

Reaction of public

If we say that, the public was amazed to see the role of the twins than that would be an understatement. As following were some of the reactions:

  • Most of the people, when came out of the theater, knew that it was a single person who played the dual role and thus they appraised him a lot and loved the way he perfectly performed.
  • Some of the audience know about the amazing role through internet and other social media sites as they were unable to recognize and accept the fact that it was a single person playing the role
  • The next comes the generation that still did not know that it was Armie Hammer who was playing the role of both the twins

Since the release of the social network, there have been many questions from Armie Hammer about his role. Especially where his twin is and how he managed to play the both twins with such perfection.

armie hammer dual role

Armie Hammer response

In order to answer the question related to where his other twin is he has a very interesting response. Hw has often been caught saying to his fans that they must be aware that how one twin can eat up the other in the womb of the mother. Like one will absorb the other. He says that we did the same thing but a little later in life and thus, I managed to play both the roles.

This might seem like an odd answer but the look on the face of his fans have been simply remarkable. Some of them gave the look of acceptance, however; many had a strange look that makes it even more interesting to hear from his mouth.

So whenever you are about to question an actor make sure that is the technology behind his role or not. as you would not like to make a fool out of yourself.

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